Cookie Policy

As Enkortek, we process personal data and use internet cookies in order to provide a better usage experience to our visitors by observing the privacy and personal data protection rights of the visitors of our enkortekltd.com website (“Website”). This Cookie Usage Policy (“Policy”) explains to all our Website visitors and users which types of cookies are used and under what conditions. If you visit our Website, you can find detailed information about the processing of your personal data in the Clarification Text.

This Policy is applied regardless of which technologies, methods and how you connect to the Website. Therefore, we recommend that you read this Policy carefully and get a copy so that you can review it in the future.

What are Cookies and for What Purposes Are They Used?

Cookies are small data storage files saved by websites on your computer, cell phones, tablets or other mobile devices that you access. This file stores information about your Website browsing. Thus, your devices you access will remember this data when you use the Website again. Therefore, cookies are necessary and important for you to use the Website effectively and more easily. Cookies are also used on the Website and third party websites to provide you with more appropriate services, products or offers.

The main purposes of using cookies;

The need for some technical data in order to use the Website more effectively,
Collection of information regarding your preferences and habits of browsing and using the Website by the Company,
The Company needs your personal data such as your IP address in order to fulfill its legal and contractual obligations, especially those arising from the Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed through These Publications and the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles on the Regulation of Publications on the Internet,

What kind of data do we process with cookies?

Cookies, depending on their type, generally collect data about your browsing and usage preferences on the device from which you access the Website. This data includes the pages you access, our services and products you review, and all information about your browsing on the Website.

Which Types of Cookies Do We Use and in Which Ways?

We use different types of cookies on the Website. These are cookies that must be used to ensure the operation of the Website, function cookies and analysis/performance cookies.

How Can You Prevent the Use of Cookies?

Although the use of cookies provides better service of the Website, you can prevent the use of cookies if you wish. However, please note that in this case, the site may not function fully and you may not be able to benefit from all its features. In order to prevent the use of cookies, you need to change the settings of your internet browser. These changes vary depending on the device and internet browser you use. Below is information on which steps should be followed to prevent the use of cookies via different internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
    Open the desktop and tap or click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar.
    2. Tap or click the Tools button and tap or click Internet options.
    3. Tap or click the Privacy tab, then move the slider under Settings up to block all cookies and tap or click OK.
    Microsoft Edge
    From the top right corner of your Microsoft Edge browser, click on the section with the three dots and go to Settings.
    2. In the new window that appears, select Select Items to Clean and then select the sections you want to clean from the window that appears.
    3. There are many sections here. You can start the cleaning process by selecting the one you want
  • Google Chrome
    Open Chrome on your computer.
    2. Click More Settings at the top right.
    3. At the bottom, click Advanced.
    4. Under “Privacy and security”, click Content settings.
  • Click Cookies.
    6. Under “All cookies and site data”, search for the name of the Website.
    7. Click the Remove icon to the right of the site


  • Click the Firefox Menu button and select Options.

    2. Select the Privacy and Security panel and go to the History section.
    3. Change the Firefox setting to Use custom settings for history.
    4. Click the Show cookies… button. The Cookies window will appear.
    5. In the Search: field, type the name of the site whose cookies you want to delete. Cookies that match your search will be displayed.
    6. Select the cookie(s) you want to delete and click the Delete selected button.
    7. Close the Cookies window by clicking the Close button. Then close the about:preferences page
    Choose Safari > Preferences.
    2. Click Privacy.
    3. Click Website Data.
    4. Select one or more websites and then click Delete or Delete All.

    You can find more information on how to do this in other major web browsers at https://www.esb.org.tr/cerez-bellek or https://www.aboutcookies.org.

    You can also delete all cookies left behind by websites you visit through third-party software.