Our Values

We consider these principles, which form the basis of our corporate culture, as indispensable parts of our product and service processes.

Within the scope of our perfectionist policy in engineering services, we work in line with certain principles that are assimilated by our entire team.

Reliable Solutions

We consider it as one of the basic building blocks of our perfectionist policy that all companies that we are solution partners can entrust their work to us with confidence and peace of mind. In this direction, we do not compromise on our principle of completing all our projects, from the smallest scale works to mega projects, in the time and cost that we have undertaken.


By offering fast solutions, especially eliminating the problems that may cause process downtime and production disruptions; We know that we can save our bussines partners that rely on us from facing serious financial burdens. We see it as our priority to act with unprecedented agility in order to protect our customers from losses.

Solution Focused

Regardless of where the required product or engineering service is in the world, we carry the motivation to take action at all levels of our team. We aim to present all the solutions that will add value to your business throughout the process in the most appropriate and efficient way.


While executing all our business processes; We act with the awareness that we are also responsible for our world, our nature, the society we live in and future generations. To use our resources efficiently and to minimize our carbon footprint; We act consciously of our responsibilities in terms of increasing the sustainability levels of the companies we are solution partners as well as our solution partners.


We accept as an unchangeable principle that every job undertaken by Enkortek is carried out by expert, knowledgeable and experienced personnel. We consider it our duty to both support the training of qualified personnel and to work with experts in each work item.

Continuous Improvement

While the possibilities offered by technology are developing and improving day by day, we believe that those who stand still will actually be left behind. For this reason, we follow the innovations in the sector instantly; In order to develop our knowledge, skills and competencies, we constantly improve our in-house opportunities and attach special importance to the training of our employees.