• kirec

    Limestone Handling Systems and Technologies

    MBE EWB Ltd Hungary is a company offering up-to-date and reliable technologies for various ash handling applications for pulverized coal fired units, fluidized bed coal fired boilers, biomass firing boilers, heavy fuel oil boilers and also technologies for bulk material handling and storing such as limestone, gypsum, perlite, alumina, klinker dust, cement, coaldust, oil ash […]

  • enkrtken

    Flue Gas Desulphurisation Systems

    -Wet flue gas desulphurisation using seawater as the sorbent -Wet flue gas desulphurisation with the sorbents limestone or lime and gypsum as a marketable end product -Semi-dry process on a spray absorption basis for smaller steam generators

  • vana320

    Industrial type valves

    -Control Valves -Butterfly Vlves and Ball Valves -Safety Valves -Globe and Gate Valves -Injection Water Spray Valves -Diaphragm Valves

  • buhar320

    Steam and Gas Turbines

    -HP,IP,LP Turbines Overhaul and Assembly -Disassembly, Assembly and Overhaul of Turbine Rotors -Turbine Spare Parts supply -Test of Turbines in company with specialist

  • first

    Electrical and Instrumentation & Control

    Dismantling, erection/installation and equipment/accesories supply works for HV, MV, LV, weak currentand I&C systems/facilities of thermal powerplants, combined cycle powerplants, geothermal powerplants, wind energy facilities, oil refineries, pipelines, storage areas, unloading/loading facilities and pump stations are being executed.In addition, our company is capable of removing insufficient service works regarding the relevant systems/facilities and provide reliable […]