Engineering & Consultancy

ENKORTEK ENGINEERING AND CONSULTANCY offers  comprehensive   consultancy and engineering services related to  thermal power plants and combine cycle power plants projects.

Engineering & Consultancy Scope of these services

  1. Feasibility Studies
  2. Administrative and Technical Specification Preparation
  3. Evaluation Of Offers and Agreement Negotiation
  4. License Receipt Support
  5. Basic and Conceptual Designs
  6. Project management
  7. Preparation and Evaluation of bidding documents and preparation evaluation reports
  8. Supervising And Management of Site
  9.  Support and supervision for commissioning and performance tests
  10. Support For Power Plants Management
  11. General layout of power plant area
  12. Power plant electricity system
  13. Switchgear system
  14. Power plant Instrumentation & Control Systems
  15. Steam boilers
  16. Steam turbines
  17. Cooling system of steam turbine
  18. Coal Transfer Systems
  19. Ash Collecting and Transfer Systems
  20.  Limestone Storage and Transfer Systems
  21. Facility Auxiliary Equipment
  22. Consultancy Service During Execution of Cold and Heat Tests
  23.  Commissioning of the System Participating in Acceptance Tests, Checking test Results and Calculations
  24.  All of The Detail Engineering Calculating and Preparation Technical Specification