ENKORTEK Engineering & Consultancy

  • Engineering and Consultancy

    ENKORTEK Engineering and Consultancy offers  comprehensive   consultancy and engineering services related to  thermal power plants and combine cycle power plants projects.

  • Enkortek and Environment

    ENKORTEK Mühendislik produces innovative engineering solutions in order to reduce the emission limits for the energy market it is involving. ENKORTEK provides the services for the rehabilitation/enhancement  of Flue Gas Desulphurization Facilities/Units and cooperates with Ministry of Industry.

  • Solution Oriented Approach

    ENKORTEK generates engineering and service solutions for the private and public corporations that are concerning about power generation and utilization in Turkey and abroad.

  • Supply of Industrial Equipment

    Enkortek Mühendislik supplies industrial type equipment and accessories that have European origins together with the engineering services.